Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Our note to you:

We want our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies to have every advantage possible to be strong and healthy.    Our dogs are special members of our family and the ties that bond family to RR's are strong.   The daily activities that we share with our canine companions become so much a part of our life that we cannot imagine a life without them.

Because of this, we endorse, "LIFE'S ABUNDANCE",  a New Generation Holistic Dog Food made by the nation's top Veterinarian formulator.  This formulated dog food contains premium ingredients, the most effective nutritional solutions and supplements available on the market.  The treats also have a healthy purpose.  And they deliver to your door!

For many years, we fed the usual (buy at your favorite store) brands.  Now that we have been feeding this formula, our dogs are more energetic, have sleeker coats, brighter eyes, and just overall healthier.  We are confident that we are feeding our RR family the best:) 

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