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Contact John and Wanda Phillippe for detailed information of current & future litters.

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The inherent personality that is a Rhodesian Ridgeback will be there when you get your puppy at eight weeks. It is up to you to shape their personality to fit your needs. They will adapt very well b/c they trust you. Until then, we let them be puppies, playing with their siblings, playing with us in a big indoor/outdoor protected environment and we don’t have to discipline them much, their mother does that. They live in a very happy puppy world. This social interaction is extremely important for a Rhodesian Ridgeback’s emotional, mental & physical development. When you get your puppy at eight weeks (by then they prefer to go to the bathroom in the grass) and begin training – they will trust you explicitly. To train – be consistent, but not overly harsh—they have a very sensitive personality. As they understand your world, if you will praise their good behavior, they will love you as much as you love them!